Welcome to the IFC Spring Concert Tickets page!

Regular: $30
Concession: $20 (over 65 and full time students)
Children: $15 (under 15)

Please fill in the form below if you wish to purchase tickets. Thank you!
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Regular_____{{answer_QPDVrEqbuJhT}} at $30 each
Concession__ {{answer_LDQbaYZpnOR3}} at $20 each
Children____{{answer_SZCAlSJlo5mt}} at $15 each

Please transfer the funds to the IFC bank account:
DBS - Bank Code 7171
Account No: 100-902649-9
Account Name: International Festival Chorus (Singapore)
Please include your NAME and number of tickets in the header.

At the end, please press "Submit".
Thank you and see you at the concert!

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